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Upper Kinni Kayak Trip

The Upper Kinni is the family friendly-beginner friendly- and for those wanting a casual paddling day with great wooded scenery. This stretch is nicknamed “song bird alley“ as they sing you thru with schools of trout crusing underneath your kayaks. Some riffles to keep you paddling offering some fun adventure and lots of casual water to relax enjoy the river scenery.

Length: 5miles Duration: approx. 2hrs

Price: $50 includes shuttle/Kayak/paddle/pfd


Lower Kinni Gorge kayaking trip is for those looking for adventure! Intermediate trip that has multiple class one+ rapids with sharp bends thru a wilderness gorge. Eagles, Falcons, Blue Herons, occasional deer and schools of trout will be your companions as you wind thru the gorge. Just a heads up! You’re in a gorge with limited cell service and no way out you must complete the trip.

This an amazing experience to enjoy paddling thru a Midwest river gorge plum with scenery!

Length: 8 miles Duration: approx. 3-3.5 hrs

Price: $60 includes shuttle/Kayak/paddle/pfd